Movimentos Academy

24 & 25 August, 6:00 pm

Photo: Anja Weber

Choreografies: New choreography by the Movimentos Academy dance class (three world premiers), new choreography by the Movimentos Academy "tanzwärts" (world premiere)

24 and 25 August – 6:00 pm, Hafen 1

Duration: approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes

New choreographies by the Movimentos Academy dance class (three premieres)

Choreographer: Daniel Martins
Choreography assistant: Sonja Böhme
Music: Sven Kacirek, Olith Ratego
Stage: Birgit Voss, Julia-Maria Gahlow, Raimund Schucht
Costumes: Marianne Heide, Danisa Marrazza (intern)
Make-up: Nicolas Guth
Dramaturgy: Bernd Upadek

New choreography by the Movimentos Academy "tanzwärts" (premiere)

Choreographer: Gregor Zöllig
Assistance: Sara Angius
Stage and costumes: Imme Kachel
Dramaturgy: Wolfgang Haendeler

Children, teens and adults from the local area are working on four different choreographies in conjunction with the two Movimentos Academy dance projects. These performances will conclude this year's Movimentos Festival Weeks with a joint premiere staged in the new "Hafen 1" venue.

Under the direction of choreographer Daniel Martins and dance teacher Sonja Böhme, the rehearsals for the dance class choreographies started at the beginning of the year with 40 dancers from age eight to nineteen.

Starting in May, Gregor Zöllig, artistic director and head choreographer at the Staatstheater Braunschweig, will work with dancers between the ages of 16 and 36 on the choreography for the Movimentos Academy "tanzwärts". The rehearsals are closely coordinated with the Staatstheater performance schedule.

The two dance projects offer participants clear insight into the creative work processes of professional dancers. Four very different choreographies featuring young dancers from the local area will be staged as premiere performances.